Vantage Partners Learning Lab series


Learning Labs are organized as intimate, peer-to-peer collaborative experiences exploring important topics in learning and leadership development. Hosted and facilitated by Vantage Partners, Learning Labs are virtual events that provide leadership and learning development colleagues an opportunity to come together periodically in community, conversation, shared consultation, and joint problem solving.

PLEASE NOTE: Learning Lab events are NOT recorded, to encourage free-flowing discussion among peers and frank sharing of experiences and insights.




Leaning into Virtual: What We’ve Learned Thus Far about Magnifying L&D’s Impact across the Organization

What lessons have L&D leaders learned this year about going virtual—and how do we get ready and sustain learning if (as it appears) we’re staying virtual for the longer haul? How are we are navigating the changing virtual landscape and other challenges of turbulence? How, amidst all, is L&D seizing upon opportunities emerging this year to magnify learning impact (when we need it the most)?

Join us to discuss these crucial questions—and discover what learning leaders from different industries, with similar virtual learning challenges, are implementing successfully (or not!) in their organizations.

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Building Resilient Organizations: The Pivotal Role of Learning & Development (Summer 2020)

Learning & development plays a pivotal role in preparing our organizations to change, adapt, and persevere. What are the critical skills that help an organization be more resilient? How do we leverage technology to keep our people learning regardless of work mode? What things have we learned this year about going virtual?

While it is always a good time to think about resilience, the current experience makes our Summer 2020 Learning Lab topic even more topical. How do we lead effectively and continue learning through crisis? Even without the pandemic, ongoing and accelerating disruption in the general business environment around us makes this is a broadly relevant question for the L&D community. How has our thinking shifted about who are the right kinds of leaders? How does L&D align with and enact our organization’s leadership agenda? What “future of work” strategy will keep L&D ahead of the curve with the changing nature of work?

Featured panelists: Tracy Tibedo, Director of Global Commercial Training, Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific;  Michael Woodard, Director, Performance Optimization, United Distributors

Summary: Summer 2020 Learning LabYou can also read a session recap on our blog.

Learning Data Analytics: Metrics, Measurement and Analytics for Training Organizations (Spring 2020) 

How can you cut through the hype and the buzzwords to understand the real impact of learning data analytics (LDA) on how learning leaders design and deliver learning today? What are the cultural, change management, privacy (think GDPR), and ethical concerns that learning leaders must grapple with today? How do we apply what we track and measure to help us create a better experience—and outcomes—for learners?

Featured panelist: Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, VP North America at Learning Pool

Summary: Spring 2020 Learning Lab

Digital Learning for Enduring Human Capabilities (Fall 2019)

Macro business trends are driving disruption across industries. The nature of work is transforming faster than ever before, as are the skills and capabilities employees need to thrive.  Traditional learning and development capabilities must evolve to keep pace - but what topics, skills or capabilities are digital-friendly and which ones just aren't?  

Featured panelist: Greg Dracos, Senior Manager in Deloitte's Human Capital practice